Watch Repairs

Just because a watch runs, does not mean it is running properly. It is advised that manual wind and automatic movements be serviced every 5 years to maintain peak performance and minimize wear on parts. Just because the watch runs, does not mean it is running properly.


Keep Your Watch Ticking

Fine timepieces require a very skilled watchmaker that is trained explicitly in caring for your valuable investment. Just like you wouldnt take your vintage Jaguar or Porsche to any old mechanic, you shouldn’t have your watch repaired by any jewellery store. Something as simple as the wrong size screwdriver, too much or too little oil or worn out rubber gaskets can all lead to much bigger problems down the road such as water penetration, parts wearing out prematurely or resale values dropping.

For clients with fine timepieces from brands like Rolex, Tag Heuer, Omega, Concord, Patek Phillipe, Breitling, Oris, Ebel, Rado, Bell & Ross, we will send the watch to be repaired at their respective service centres or advise clients to contact their respective service centres for information on shipping them directly.

Customers with vintage watches where the service centre may no longer work on their watch we have a very qualified team of watchmakers that we are able to send the watches to for estimates and repair.

Our Process

How It Works


Bring your watch in for an assessment by one of our Accredited Jewellery Professionals.


We provide you with an estimate for the watch repair before proceeding with any work.


Your watch will be sent to the manufacturer’s service centre or repaired by one of our experts.

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Completed watch repairs come with a minimum 1 year warranty*.

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